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The ElevEase Shower Foot Rest For Shaving Legs Takes Leg & Foot Care To A Whole New Level.  See & Reach Your Legs & Feet Safely and With Ease. Whether You Are Shaving, Exfoliating, Moisturizing or Sunless Tanning, It’s A Breeze With ElevEase



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Developed out of sheer frustration. A problem needed to be solved…the awkward task of shaving one’s legs in the shower.

ElevEase also helps pregnant ladies, people with back pain, low mobility and arthritis etc. We never thought ElevEase would be such a trooper from the outset.


ElevEase is the latest revolution in leg elevation in the shower.
No more awkward bending and stretching.
Shaving, tanning, washing, exfoliating, moisturising, massaging, nail clipping, nail varnish application.
Specially formulated adhesive included.
No tools required!


What They Say

Saved my life in my shower!

“saved my life in my shower! I moved to an apartment with a tub shower and there was no where to put my leg up to shave, other than on the tub ledge, but then the water would get all over. You put this up to your knee height when standing and then it’s at the perfect height to shave! It’s very comfortable and I love that it holds my razor as well! GREAT product” 

– Laura

My wife now shaves her legs with ease and regularity!

“Excellent product, easy to install, great fix for a shower without a ledge. Ended up caulking around the edges because the original tile job wasn’t perfectly flat, and I didn’t want water getting between the wall and the unit. It doesn’t look like a cheap add on. It is very sturdy, feels secure with full weight applied to it, and has a slip resistant surface.”

– Stephen Tranter



“This was easy to install and so far has worked great. I have had for several months now and love it every day. If you’re thinking about this one, I say go for it.

– MamaC

This is perfect!

“Love this!!! I was worried this wouldn’t be what I needed or might be cheap and not work but that is not the case. Follow the instructions and to be safe, I waited 2 days instead of just one to use the shower. This looks nice and works great. Follow their instructions and put the shelf about knee length high in the shower.”

 – Kristin


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